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Apphia ♥ Michael

It’s such a crazy time of year right now!  Many people know that May is a popular time to get married but I honestly think that it’s the autumn months that are just insane! I love it though. Being busy is such a good problem to have :) So even though I’ve been a really bad blogger these past months, instead of just doing a massive photo dump, I will still do my very best to give you a write up on each of my couples. Why you ask? Because busy or not, each and every one of them are very special to me. And if that means having to take out some extra time to put into words just how great I think they are, so be it.

It was an honor for me to photograph Michael and Apphia’s wedding — not just for its obvious sentimental significance but also because Michael’s younger sister, Sharon, is a friend as well as a former second shooter of mine. Sharon has since gone on to create an incredible name for herself over in Houston. Her sheer talent and sincere passion for her craft are just some of the things I miss most about working with her. After getting to meet her brother and their family, I quickly realized that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Everyone was just so loving and supportive of one another.  Then when you add Apphia’s incredibly cute and spunky personality into the mix, it was a fun evening for everyone involved.  It never felt like the awkward gathering of two families, it was more like a gathering one great big one. I should probably also mention that it rained almost the entire day and even when we were outside taking photos, but you never would’ve guessed that from the smiles on their faces — it really didn’t matter. There were lots of laughter, a few tears, and a whole lot of love to last Michael and Apphia’s marriage for a lifetime. Thank you for having me and congratulations to the both of you!

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