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Tina + Keith


Believe those who tell you that the one you’re meant to be with for the rest of your life could be right in front of you and you not even know it, because that is the story of Tina and Keith. Who knew that they went to the same school, and the same church, and their paths crossed several times, but neither one noticed that their better half was standing in the same room? But as fate should have it one day they did notice, and one day they did say hello, and one day they decided that they didn’t want another day to go by that they weren’t together. That is the way love works and love never fails. Congratulations to Tina and Keith! I love a happy ending :)


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Julie + Jake


You may recognize Jake and Julie from their engagment session awhile back using the set of moving escalators. If you haven’t seen it, go here to see what you’re missing out on. After much anticipation, their wedding day finally came and with it a 60% chance of shower. You would think that a little bit of rain is sure to dampen anyone’s day, but for this Seattle couple, it didn’t come as any big surprise that a part of home followed them here to bring them good luck. Nonetheless, rain or shine, the show must go on! With the help of N’Yoka Coleman of Clink Events, Jake and Julie put together an incredible wedding that combined beautiful vintage, yet modern elements. Julie looked stunning in her lace gown and the vintage birdcage veil tied the entire look together. {A tip to all the bride-to-bes out there: if you’re not into a traditional veil, use a great headpiece to really add some style to your photos}. Congratulations to the happy couple!


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Emilie + Brian


I first met Brian and Emilie while in Mexico shooting his sister, Heather’s wedding. These two make an incredibly cute couple! The first thing you notice when you get to know them is just how down to earth and friendly they both are. In fact, after spending that entire weekend with them on the beach, you pretty much feel like you’re part of the family. When we got around to talking about their wedding, I was really excited to learn that they were getting married out in the country where Emilie grew up. The best part, aside from the fresh air and the rolling fields was the huge barn the reception would be held at — you don’t get to see that very often while living in the city! I love getting to do weddings in unexpected places. There are so many hidden gems out there. I feel so blessed that my job allows me to visit far away and sometimes not so far away places! Thank you Emilie and Brian for letting me be a part of your family and your big day — Congratulations!

This is Michael Banks, Heather’s new husband. She’s one lucky lady.img_8660.jpgimg_8706.jpgimg_8691.jpgimg_4090.jpg016.jpg017.jpg031.jpg025.jpg026.jpg024.jpg023.jpg021.jpg022.jpg018.jpg019.jpg020.jpg027.jpg028.jpg030.jpg034.jpg035.jpg032.jpg033.jpg036.jpg037.jpg038.jpg041.jpg040.jpg042.jpg039.jpgimg_0001.jpg

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