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Alyssa + Jim


The most powerful and emotionally charged moment of the entire wedding day has to be when the bride walks down the aisle. Imagine: The room grows quiet. Like dominos, a hundred guests rise to their feet. They turn and look, all eyes on her as she glides past them, arm in arm with her father.  The groom, anxiously awaits her on the other end, palms sweaty, his mind filled with a million thoughts yet not one seems to stick. Now, set all this to Darth Vader’s theme song, “The Imperial March” and you have Alyssa and Jim’s wedding. THAT, my beloved friends, is how you make an entrance! If you would like to experience this for yourself, click here  and let the music play in the background as you enjoy the rest of Alyssa and Jim’s photos. Just do it.

Congratulations to the both of you, here’s to more fantastic moments!


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