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Alli + Jay


They say that laughter is the key to a long and happy life. If that is the case then Alli and Jay should prepare themselves for quite the road ahead of them. I don’t think I’ve ever met a couple as fun-loving and outgoing as these two. There was never a dull moment with Jay around as he kept us on our toes with his unexpected commentary that would at times render me speechless. But don’t think that this is a one man show. On the contrary, Alli can very much hold her own on the comedy front. The photo above was actually her idea when she turned to me and very casually said, “…I think I want a photo of me grabbing Jay’s butt.” One word: Awesome! I want to also mention that although a great sense of humor will keep their marriage interesting, I believe that it is their ability to love, comfort and understand one another that will keep them together. I witnessed a moment during the beginning of the day when Alli was feeling a bit nervous and anxious, like every bride tends to be, but when Jay came over and quietly held her, you see all that tension instantly melt away. It was a very good moment. Congratulations Alli and Jay!


I want to point out that I just love this exit shot. Alli’s expression, the bird seeds hitting Jay’s head, the random fist coming out at Alli’s face. You can’t set up a shot like this.

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Sandy + Adam


This is a modern day fairy tale that started “once upon a time” and definitely has a happy ending. It’s even complete with a princess — a Disney one to be exact. But don’t think that just because Sandy played Belle from Beauty and the Beast at the Most Magical Place on Earth that she’s a delicate flower. On the contrary, although there are no dragons in this story to be slain or evil spells to be broken, Sandy and Adam’s story does involve sleeping in the back of a car, showering at a truck stop and Adam meeting Sandy’s dad for the very first time all in the same day. Their wedding took place on her parent’s gorgeous estate where she had always envisioned getting married underneath the oak tree, next to her little wooden swing.  Their guests danced the night away underneath a large tent beneath a blanket of iron stars. The newlyweds made their getaway at the stroke of the midnight but luckily for us no one turned into a pumpkin. Congratulations Sandy and Adam…here’s to love, laughter, and happily ever after!


Venue: Hess Residence
Coordinators: Gina & Tanya, Clink Events
Catering: Primizie
Floral: Prive Floral
Bakery: Michelle’s Patisserie
Makeup: Kandy Glass
Officiant: Joe Fontenot
Ceremony Music: Arundel Ensemble
Reception Music: Josh, Penguin Entertainment
Lighting: Ilios Lighting
Rentals & Linen: Marquee Rentals

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Katie + Adrian


I finally had the wonderful opportunity to meet Katie and Adrian on their wedding day. Although we corresponded several times via email and talked on the phone, I have to say that her charming presence and warm personality is absolutely incredible in person! Their wedding took us to where the cypress trees overlook the Guadelupe River and you’re far enough away from the city where the stars actually twinkle at night. During their ceremony, they read a very sweet passage from the childhood classic, “The Velveteen Rabbit” — a story about love how love makes you real. It was actually the same passage that was read at my own wedding not too long ago :) Their night ended with what was probably the most unique exit ever — a paddle raft down the river. The best touch was the headlamps they wore to light the way. Congratulations Katie and Adrian, smooth sailings to you both!


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