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Heather + Mike


When you’re a wedding photographer, it’s guaranteed that you’ll have a very well documented wedding. Heather learned this first hand when she and Mike tied the knot in beautiful Playa del Carmen. For one week, it almost seemed as though the Austin wedding industry was at a standstill as a large handful of its photographers, coordinators, a videographer and a makeup artist flew out to Mexico to be with her. We ate in caves, drank tequila, and soaked up the sun in the middle of winter. The beach goers probably thought there was a celebrity getting married by all the cameras and people we had running around! It was such a huge honor for me to be able to shoot her wedding, especially since other incredible photographers like Diana, Stacy, Vanessa, Ashley and Jenn would also be there (warning: do NOT challenge any of them to a dance-off, you will fail…miserably). What some of you may not know is that I use to be Heather and Diana’s assistant. I spent almost every Saturday for two and a half years with these women. It was actually at one of Heather’s wedding that I picked up a digital camera for the first time.  I still remember that wedding and looking at the flash not knowing how to use it. I had to keep asking her what settings to put my camera on. Fortunately, camera settings come second nature to me now and I’ve come a long way since that first wedding, but that’s not to say that her cracking the whip every weekend didn’t play a part in my success ;) Congratulations to Heather Mabry Banks and Mike Spanky! I love you guys!

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We all know that when we get married that we marry into each others families. What we don’t realize is that “family” can also include friends. I’m not sure Mike knew that when he married Heather that she came with a packaged deal. His enthusiasm just kills me!


Venue: Blue Parrot Hotel – Playa Del Carmen, Mexico
Coordinator & Officiant: Gina Whittington, Clink
Videography: Chris Jones, Mason Jar Productions
Hair/Makeup: Mandy Hernandez,


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Erin + Jorge


As the sun set across Lake Travis, the hundreds of stringed lights lit up the lawn and the candlelit aisle glowed with anticipation.  Erin and Jorge kept their intimate wedding very simple but the meaning behind it held no less significance. As the Facilities Rental Manager there, she’s helped countless brides make their walk up that limestone pathway and now it was her turn to do the same. Many vendors, who’s beautiful work you’ve seen featured on my blog, were in attendance. This was one of the few opportunities us wedding professionals get to take a day off and enjoy the show for once. A brisk chill blew threw Austin that evening but the warmth from the friends inside the villa kept the night going in comfort and ease. Congratulations Erin and Jorge!


Venue: Austin Museum of Art – Laguna Gloria
Coordinator: Denise Silverman, Soiree
Catering: Primizie
Cake: Simon Lee Bakery
Dessert : Paul Russell, The Chocolate Cup
Bridal Bouquet: Jennifer & Madeleine, Jennifer’s Garden
Reception Florist: Tina Odem, Prive Floral
Reception Music: Tres Latin Jazz
Officiant: Pastor John Stennfeld
Hair/Makeup: Nisa Nicole


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Roni + Shawn


Very often I get asked if I ever get tired of shooting weddings. To that I say, “Of course not!”  No two weddings are alike. No two couples are alike. And most importantly, the dynamics are never the same. Even after all this time, I still feel a jolt of excitement before I enter the bride’s room as she’s getting ready.  To watch the day unfold and to witness the beginning of a promise of happily ever after is something truly special.

Roni and Shawn are a perfect vision of your modern day power couple. She’s beautiful, works in broadcast television, and has her own show. While he is a businessman, methodical, precise and has great taste in women…or I should say, one woman in particular! Although they planned a lavish wedding with a large guest list to match, I was touched to see that they spent the majority of their cocktail hour in the ballroom, just the two of them. They held hands, laughed at how they forgot to kiss before walking back up the aisle, and shared a slow dance to relish one of the few quiet moments they’ve had all day. May this be the first of many slow dances you will have as husband and wife. Mazel tov!



Venue: Four Seasons
Coordinator: Monica Hinkle
Videography: David N. Reyes, X Horn Productions
Flowers & Decor: Vella Events
Reception Music: Sauce Band

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