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Jake + Julie


I’ll probably never know what Jake whispers in Julie’s ear to get her to laugh, but it sure worked like a charm. Thank you, N’Yoka with Soiree for setting this up. I can’t wait for their wedding next year!



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Chelsea + Tim


Chelsea and Tim aren’t your typical bride and groom and their wedding was far from ordinary as well. When they described to me their wedding day, I really wasn’t sure what to expect once I got there. Chelsea promised an eclectic mix of all the things that they enjoyed. Her “whatever goes” approach made for an incredibly unique celebration. What is normally a one day affair was a weekend getaway for these two. They celebrated by the Frio River underneath the old cedar trees and magnificent bluffs. They treated their guests to a Cajun rehearsal dinner, a Greek luncheon and a Thanksgiving dinner (in OCTOBER!).  After they said their “I do’s”, they stripped down to their swim suits and went tubing. Of course, in true Texas style, a big family gathering isn’t complete without challenging each other to a game of football. Need a moment to digest all that? Don’t worry, it took me awhile to take it all in as well! Congratulations you guys, thanks for having me out!

Chelsea gave Tim these magnets as part of his wedding day gift — too funny!ct03.jpgct04.jpgct05.jpgct06.jpgct07.jpgct08.jpgct09.jpgct10.jpgct11.jpg
It may not be appropriate for me to point out what these photos below are in reference to, but the answer can be found within this post. ct12.jpgct13.jpgct15.jpgct16.jpgct17.jpgct18.jpgct19.jpgct20.jpgct21.jpgct22.jpgct23.jpgct24.jpgct25.jpgct26.jpgct27.jpgct28.jpgct29.jpgct30.jpgct31.jpgct33.jpgct34.jpgct35.jpgct36.jpgct37.jpgimg_2065.jpgimg_2071.jpgct38.jpgct39.jpgct40.jpgct41.jpgct42.jpgct43.jpgct44.jpgct45.jpgct46.jpg

Venue: Seven Bluffs Cabin
Caterer: Art Lunker


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Amanda + Ken [sneak peek]

This one is for the pug lover in you.

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