Monthly Archives: September 2008

Chau + Toan


It’s been awhile since the last time I photographed a Vietnamese ceremony. Whenever I get the honor of doing so it’s a very nostalgic experience that brings me back to all the ceremonies I attended when I was growing up. From the groom’s processional to the bride’s home to the offering of elaborately decorated gifts covered in red cloths to the tea ceremony, it’s like a intricate dance. I hope everyone will get to witness one of these ceremonies at least once in their life. If not, I hope that my photographs will take you there. Congratulations Chau and Toan!





ct30.jpg ct31.jpgct32.jpgct33.jpgct34.jpgct35.jpgct36.jpgct37.jpgct38.jpg
ct39.jpg ct40.jpgct41.jpgct42.jpgct43.jpgct44.jpg

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